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Business content

Supporting a balance between work and family


The style of human stay is to provide services that both companies and those who change jobs can understand.
Introducing companies that can draw a career such as "what you want to do!" We will introduce the human resources who will be responsible for your company's growth. If you are looking for a dispatched job, the coordinator will ask you in detail about working conditions, expectations for your new workplace, etc. through counseling. We will solve the problem that causes a shortage of human resources for companies who want human resources in a hurry because they have expanded their business due to sudden vacancies.


Dispatch service

Dispatched labor consists of three parties: the dispatched company (your company), the dispatching company (human stay), and the dispatched staff (job seekers).
The characteristics are divided into employment relations and command and command relations.

For dispatched staff, the employment contract is concluded with the dispatching company (human stay), and the actual work is done by the dispatched company (your company).

1Dispatch service

Utilization of human resources with immediate capabilities

Know the dispatch service system

After concluding an employment contract with Human Stay, the dispatched staff will work under the direction and order of the dispatched facility based on the worker dispatch contract.
You can significantly reduce management costs such as recruitment, social insurance, and payroll.


Utilization of dispatch service

Day service case

There is a shortage of human resources only in the morning when there is a bathing service. I would like to hire human resources who have qualifications and experience and are ready to work, but I do not have the know-how on hiring and I do not spend a lot of money.

Hiring experienced dispatched staff who can work only in the morning

Nursery school case

A nursery teacher who has been working for 5 years suddenly retires due to family circumstances. We needed a replacement, so we immediately recruited jobs, but we couldn't hire them.

Hire a dispatched staff who can hire a successor for a limited time


Dispatch service to be introduced

The dispatch service to be introduced is an employment form in which the dispatched company (your company) and the dispatched staff (registrants for job seekers) can identify each other during the dispatch period on the premise of direct employment.

The employment contract during the dispatch period will be concluded with the dispatching company (Human Stay), and after the dispatch period ends, the employment contract will be concluded with the dispatched company (your company) after mutual agreement.

2Dispatch service to be introduced

Utilization of support for employment decisions

Know the dispatch service system to be introduced

It is a service that can be used as a dispatched staff for a certain period (up to 6 months), and it is possible to decide whether or not to appoint a staff member after assessing the aptitude and ability during the dispatch period.
You can prevent mismatches of human resources and hire them.


Utilization of dispatch service to be introduced

Cases of special nursing homes for the elderly

The retention rate was poor and the motivation of the staff around me was low, so I would like to hire them efficiently and without mismatches.

After carefully assessing, hire as a full-time employee 6 months later

Nursery school case

I hired a full-time employee, but after joining the company, I retired in a short period of time due to differences in childcare policies, so I would like to hire someone who can work for a long period of time next time.

Identify the person during the dispatch period of 3 months and hire as a regular employee


Human resources introduction service

The human resources introduction service is a service in which a business operator (human stay) engaged in a employment agency business receives a job offer request from a company (your company) and introduces the relevant human resources (persons who wish to change jobs) to the company.

3Human resources introduction service

Utilization of human resources with reduced hiring costs

Know the recruitment service system

Introducing professionals and qualified personnel who are difficult to hire by dispatch.


Utilization of human resources introduction service

Paid nursing home case

We want to hire high-quality human resources for new facilities that will open next spring.

Hire staff that match the level of care policy and skills

Hospital case

There was a chronic shortage of nurses, and I was trying to recruit nurses through job advertisements, but there were few applications and I was not hired.

I was able to hire staff thanks to the use of the service


Foreign employment support

We introduce not only Japanese but also foreigners' jobs. We have many companies in an environment where foreigners can work comfortably.
Please feel free to use our company even for foreigners.

4Foreign employment support

For dispatching, introducing human resources,
and supporting foreigners' employment
Please contact Human Stay


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